Consumers always have the need to see what other people say about the decisions they make. We are always looking for the approval of others and make less lone tangents because the outcome always turns out to be disappointing, particularly when buying goods and services.

That is why in the past, people had magazines like the Consumer Report to tell them if they could trust a given service provider, vendor or product for their needs. Today, consumers buy things in the comfort of their homes through e-commerce websites like Amazon which sell everything from books, to laptops and clothes. The people spending money on e-commerce websites range from retirees, to college students.

One platform mostly that is frequented by college students when making online purchases is the essay writing company. Unlike the other companies which are quite transparent with regards to giving consumer reports/customer reviews, these ones lack in that department despite taking money from their buyers.

Student consumers on essay writing company websites

Students spend a good chunk of their money buying the occasional term paper or essay. But they mostly do this without enough information about whom they’re trusting with such a delicate requirement. This exposes them to a lot of problems faced by buyers who know nothing about those they’re buying from.

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Why we review them

We review various essay writing companies on to help students make informed buying decisions. For a long time, essay writing companies have come up without oversight or a regulating body. Some of them are not real companies but proxies meant to steal from the consumers. We tighten the noose on these companies to help consumers not only avoid bad paper writing companies, but also showcase a variety of competing, professional writing services other people have used successfully.

How it works

For us to deliver a list of excellent essay writing companies, we have had to work on two things. Firstly, we ensure that we personally checked out each essay writing company. The outcome is in the form of a summary that describes the services that are offered by each paper writing company.

In addition to this, we also seek out real customers of these essay writing companies. We use the ratings they provide, as well as their comments to enlighten students about each paper writing company. In addition, we have a list of top essay writing services from the tally of the ratings to make our decision making process as smooth and as thorough as possible.